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There is no denying that Canada, like Colorado has a progressive stance on drug laws, they were trailblazers in the cannabis movement, boasting a number of the first unlicensed pot cafés. Vancouver has recently temporarily decriminalized all controlled drugs (in small amounts). The Federal Health Minister initiated a three year trial (31 January 2023 to 31 January 2026), with federal exemptions to substances, aimed at assisting drug users rather than traffickers under the substances act. This has given hope of improving the ongoing health crisis of illicit drug deaths and to ease the gang violence. 

Legalities…But Not Quite

While the fungi shop is becoming a common sight, the recreational legality of psychedelics (including psilocybin mushrooms) resides in a grey area. Decriminalization does not mean “legal use”, instead, being caught with these substances means no arrest is made by the Vancouver Police Department and that drugs are not seized, instead the person in possession will be offered health services that are available.

Another key driver has been the medical community acknowledging the success of psychedelic drugs in clinical trials to treat things like treatment-resistant depression, and giving some mental relief to those suffering from terminal illness. Rather than having patients involved in a legal process, the availability of a handful of mushroom dispensaries enables users the ability to access treatment options easily, as opposed to complicated and drawn-out legal processes in order to access treatment for mental health conditions. 

The Future is Shroom Shaped

Regardless of the murky waters of legality, the recreational retail market is surging forward, leading to an increased demand for convenient and trustworthy sources of psilocybin edibles in city of Vancouver

In 2023, the legal state of the therapeutic use and retail of psychedelics continues to be a complex and evolving landscape. While the recreational use of psychedelics may still be considered illegal in many jurisdictions, there has been a notable shift towards exploring the therapeutic potential of these substances specifically in places like British Columbia. Health Canada’s granting of exemptions for psilocybin-assisted therapy in specific cases has opened the door for research and discussion surrounding the benefits of psychedelics.

It is important to note that regulations can vary significantly between different regions, and individuals should familiarize themselves with the specific legalities and restrictions in their respective areas. As the scientific community continues to study and understand the potential benefits and risks of psychedelics, the legal state of retail may undergo further changes in the coming years. As of today many psilocybin dispensaries have chosen to proceed with the retail of psychedelics in plain sight, regardless of the law.

We know a guy…

From shroom kits to psilocybin capsules, new dispensaries are popping up all over downtown Vancouver. We are unpacking the best of the best reputable retailers in 2023 offering a variety of unique psilocybin edibles while visiting the Great White North. Whether you are looking for medical use for the mental health benefits of psilocybin, or just an adventurous psychonaut, here are some of our fav Canadian mushroom dispensaries..

Three Amigos Psilocybin

  • Renowned for their wide selection of psilocybin edibles and other magic mushroom products. Three Amigos have a robust library of user knowledge on their website, including education on psychedelic therapy.
  • What we love…Their commitment to quality and transparency in sourcing and production.
  • What psilocybin products they offer…Gummies, chocolate, gum drops, marshmallows, bon bons and teas.

The Top Spot for Shrooms Online in Canada – Three Amigos Psilocybin (3amigos.co)

Three Amigos Psilocybin


  • With over 1000 positive online reviews, it is no surprise that Mungus is one of the most prominent online mushroom dispensaries in Canada. Mungus offers a wide range of psilocybin edibles, capsules, and microdosing options.
  • What we love…Mungus prioritizes customer satisfaction and provides detailed product information.
  • What psilocybin products they offer…Gummies, chocolate, cookies, candy bars, rice krispys, and teas.

Magic Mushrooms Delivery Online | Buy Shrooms Canada | Mungus

Mungus Mushrooms Canada Mushroom Dispensaries

Blue Goba

  • Blue Goba emphasizes the importance of responsible use and psychedelic education, and are proudly 100% organic.
  • What we love…Blue Goba has an incredibly comprehensive online free educational resource for users.
  • What psilocybin products they offer…Gummies, tea, and chocolates.

Blue Goba | Buy The Best Magic Mushrooms in Canada

Blue Goba Canada Mushroom Dispensaries

Magic Mushrooms Canada Co

  • Magic Mushrooms Canada Co offer a diverse selection of psilocybin products, including edibles, dried mushrooms, and extracts, they ensure discreet packaging and fast shipping.
  • What we love…Magic Mushrooms Canada Co offer customer service in English, French, and Chinese.
  • What psilocybin products they offer…Gummies, and chocolates.

Magic Mushrooms Canada | Buy Psychedelic Mushrooms Online

Magic Mushrooms Canada Co Mushroom Dispensaries


  • Specializes in organic and natural psilocybin edibles and capsules, they embrace sustainable practices and quality assurance.
  • What we love…Shafaa retails their own original product line.
  • What psilocybin products they offer…Gummies, tea, coffee, tinctures, vegan fruit strips and chocolates.

Buy Magic Mushrooms Online | SHAFAA

SHAFAA Magic Mushroom Dispensaries

Shroom Hub

  • Shroom Hub provide an extensive range of psilocybin edibles, capsules, and mushroom-related accessories, with a focus on customer support and ultra reliable shipping services.
  • What we love…Shroom Hub have over a decade of experience growing and sourcing mushrooms.
  • What psilocybin products they offer…Gummies, tea, chocolate bars and hot chocolate.

Shroomhub | Buy Magic Mushrooms & Shrooms Online in Canada

Shroom Hub Canada Mushroom Dispensaries

Magic Approach

  • Magic Approach have a variety of psilocybin edibles under their own brand for both beginners and experienced users, prioritizing customer safety and product consistency.
  • What we love…The gorgeous green Matcha Matcha chocolate bar, and the ultra-luxury psilocybin infused tea line.
  • What psilocybin products they offer…Gummies, tea, and chocolate.

MagicApproach – #1 Magic Mushroom Dispensary in Canada | Online Delivery

Magic Approach Mushroom

Shroom Bros

  • Known for their own signature line of premium psilocybin edibles and mushroom products, the company emphasizes ethical sourcing and customer privacy.
  • What we love…The ultra fun vintage-futuristic neon packaging, and the innovative “Shroom connoisseur” box.
  • What psilocybin products they offer…Gummies, shroom syrup, tea and chocolate.

Shroom Bros | Buy Magic Mushrooms Canada at #1 Shroom Dispensary

Shroom Bros

Microdosed Dispensary – Coca Leaf Cafe

  • Open in 2019 by well-known drug reform activist, Dana Larsen’s medicinal mushroom dispensary is known to carry a wide range of psychedelic products. The owner of the medicinal mushroom dispensary has been a fundamental driver in decriminalisation by the federal government. 
  • What we love…Microdosed Dispensary offers a free testing service for the community, funded purely by dispensary sales.
  • What psilocybin products they offer…Gummies, and chocolate.

Mail Order Mushroom Dispensary – Canada’s source for mushrooms and psychedelics (microdosedispensary.com)

Microdosed Dispensary

The Fun Guys

  • For a limited time The Fun Guys are giving away free samples Micro-Dose Shrooms, and you don’t even need to make a purchase to get your paws on them.
  • What we love…They have a 4 for 8 strain party pack for the adventurous psychonaut.
  • What psilocybin products they offer...Gummies, chocolate, hot chocolate and tea.


The Fun Guys

Schwifty Labs

  • Schwifty Labs make a range of their own boutique edibles.
  • What we love…The nod to Rick and Morty on their advertising is tickling the fancy of any psychonaut.
  • What psilocybin products they offer...Chocolate, gummies, caramelts and truffles.


As Canada navigates the complex landscape of psilocybin legalization, the recent shroom boom has created huge demand for trustworthy mushroom dispensaries and online retailers of psilocybin mushroom products continues to rise exponentially. As a psychonaut it is important to stay informed about the legal status of psilocybin and, psychedelics as a whole, and exercise responsible use to ensure a positive trip. When purchasing edibles, consider reputable magic mushroom dispensaries ensuring you prioritize both personal safety and product quality, as well as reliable customer support, and adherence to legal regulations.

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