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The combination of psilocybin and chocolate has steadily gained popularity among those seeking unique and transformative experiences. Magic mushrooms are not a new phenomenon, they have been used for centuries by various cultures, harnessing their mind-altering properties and positive effect on the serotonin receptors

Archaeological evidence suggests that mushrooms, containing the psychoactive compound psilocybin, were revered and integrated into the belief systems of various civilizations. Indigenous tribes in Mesoamerica, such as the Aztecs and Mayans, considered psilocybin mushrooms as sacred entities. Incorporating them into their religious ceremonies, believing they facilitated communication with the divine and offering profound insights. Additionally, ancient cultures in Africa, Europe, and Asia are believed to have used magic mushrooms for healing practices and as a means to explore altered states of consciousness. The use of magic mushrooms in these historical contexts highlights their deep-rooted significance in human culture and spirituality throughout the ages. 

When the hallucinogenic compound is paired with the rich and indulgent taste of Belgian Callebaut chocolate, a truly sensory enhancing experience is created. Combining cocoa butter and sugar with hallucinogenic mushrooms is undoubtedly going to peak the interest of the psychonaut with the sweet tooth. This different approach utilizing natural medicine offers a promising new alternative to consumers who didn’t enjoy the taste of dehydrated Psilocybe Cubensis mushrooms.

  1. Why Combine Psilocybin and Chocolate?
  2. Legal Considerations finding Psilocybin Chocolate?
  3. Where to Buy Psilocybin Chocolate?
    1. MindSpa
    2. Stem Chocolate
    3. PolkaDot Mushroom Bars
    4. Kayas
    5. Shroomiez

Why Combine Psilocybin and Chocolate?

The pairing of psilocybin and chocolate is not a random coincidence but rather a result of both practical and sensory considerations. Chocolate serves as an ideal vehicle for delivering psilocybin due to its ability to mask the somewhat earthy and naturally bitter taste of the fungi. This pairing creates unique and delicious flavors, that are both complex, sweet and earthy. 

Additionally, traditional chocolate contains compounds that enhance the effects of psilocybin, such as anandamide, a neurotransmitter known as the “bliss molecule.” This acts as a carrier in the brain inducing feelings of euphoria and happiness induced by psilocybin.

Chocolate, like psilocybin has also been revered for centuries, by various cultures. Since its discovery, also in Mesoamerica over 3,000 years ago, chocolate has held various symbolic and ritualistic roles in ancient civilizations, becoming associated with divine offerings and spiritual significance. Over time, chocolate’s association with pleasure and indulgence elevated its status, making it a symbol of luxury. 

Furthermore, the ritualistic and often ceremonial act of consuming psilocin chocolates adds a level of spiritualism to the psychedelic experience. The sensory pleasure of the smell and texture of the chocolate complements the profound and introspective journey that psilocybin can provide. Additionally, edible psychedelics create a unique fusion of flavors, emotions and spiritual experiences.

Legal Considerations finding Psilocybin Chocolate?

The legal status of psilocybin and psilocybin-infused products varies based on local government regulations of these substances. In many countries, psychedelic mushrooms are classified as an illegal substance, and their possession, cultivation, or sale is prohibited. However, some jurisdictions have adopted more progressive stances. For example, in certain states within Canada and the United States, such as Denver, Oregon, San Francisco and Washington, the therapeutic use of psilocybin has been decriminalized or even legalized under specific circumstances. Thus allowing these items to be freely retailed in dispensaries and smoke shops.

Where to Buy Psilocybin Chocolate?

If mushroom chocolate bars are legal and available in your area, several reputable online brands offer these unique products (a number even offering free shipping). Here are a few of our personal favourite psilocybin chocolate bar offerings, with a focus on the highest quality ingredients, and overall experience:


Known for their artisanal approach and commitment to quality. MindSpa offers a range of psilocybin-infused magic mushroom bar, gummies, capsules and drops. Their products feature the benefits of the psychedelic psilocybin. They are crafted using ethically sourced cacao and carefully measured doses of psilocybin, ensuring a consistent and reliable experience.

What we love about MindSpa…Beautiful site, packaging, and most of all their ethos “High quality holistic medicine made with integrity and love.”

MindSpa – Explore your Universe (


Stem Chocolate

Stem Chocolate, a Vancouver company. They combine the art of chocolate-making with the transformative power of psilocybin. Their unique flavors, vegan options and beautifully designed unique chocolate patterns and packaging make for a delightful visual gastronomic experience.

What we love about Stem Chocolate…The Passionfruit Triptych Bar..French Valrhona, Passionfruit chocolate, Italian Genuine 23 Karat Gold and premium Penis Envy Mushrooms.

Psilocybin Chocolate Bars – STEM Shroom Chocolates (

Stem Chocolate chocolate bar

PolkaDot Chocolate Bars

The Polkadot Bar is by far one of the best known brands of magic mushroom chocolate bar products. PolkaDot specializes in creating mushroom-infused chocolate bars, gummies and drops, with an emphasis on sustainability and organic ingredients. Their bars come in a wide variety of flavors and strengths, providing options for both newcomers and experienced users.

What we love about PolkaDotThe huge range of flavours that PolkaDot has to offer, the packaging is ultra colourful and fun, very Wonka-esque.

Polkadot Official – Magic in Shroom Chocolate Bars

PolkaDot Magic Chocolate bar


Kayas, boasts the title of the first medical cannabis retailer in the Caribbean. They have turned their hand to creating a selection of handcrafted chocolate bars, leveraging Jamacia’s exceptionally high-quality ingredients. With their elegant presentation and carefully measured dosages, these chocolates provide an elevated and luxurious psychedelic experience. They currently offer white, milk and dark chocolate. 

What we love about Kayas…stunning website, and gorgeous cafe, and Jamacia’s rich history of chocolate production make Kayas a truly special product.

Kaya Herb House » Ganja Dispensary » Grown in Jamaica

Kaya Chocolate bar


Created with love in sunny Santa Cruz, California. Shroomiez offers a range of chocolate bar options, including something for our vegan friends. Their commitment to quality and safety ensures a memorable and reliable experience, or a perfect gift with their playful design.

What we love about Shroomiezabsolutely adorable packaging, and their mushies are grown inhouse by their team of experts.

Chocolates – Shroomiez (

Shroomiez Psychedelic Chocolate bar

Psilocybin chocolate represents the union of culinary indulgence and profound introspection. Certainly while the legal landscape surrounding these products may vary, for those in areas where it is accessible, we highly recommend that you get your paws on psilocybin chocolate or other psilocybin laced edibles. 

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